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Even Cowboys want all naturally finished beef,

This is Cattlemen’s Choice Beef Policy, here at THE MOUNTAIN FRONT RANCH, located at the base of the WET MOUNTAINS, (Fremont County Colorado).

Cattlemen’s Choice Beef cares about what your family eats. This is why our cattle are grown on native grasses and finished with native grasses, premium grass hay and oat hay. Our goal is to produce a beef product that is beneficial to your health without sacrificing what you expect from a cut of beef.

Cattlemen’s Choice Beef has a distinct delicious flavor and tenderness that is unsurpassed that will please your palate. You will taste the difference at the dinner table with your family.

Source Identified Cattle- Humane and Sanitary handling of our cattle is top priority along with No Factory Farming on the Mountain Front Ranch.  Diets that are natural to cattle produce healthy and happy cattle without the use of antibiotics and chemicals, which is better for the cattle and you.